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Nutrition Outreach, Int. believes that proper education is of utmost importance if we are going to take back the territory of our own health. We offer the following teaching programs with the commitment of educating those who are interested in gaining proper knowledge of the why's and wherefores of our own bodies and our health.

Nutrition Outreach, Int., is the only natural Health Care Company that has designed products supporting all TWELVE BODY SYSTEMS. For more information on the TWELVE BODY SYSTEM scroll to bottom of the page.



Nutrition Outreach, Int. has developed the most powerful yet simple approach to short term cleansing designed to produce health, energy and vitality.  Together with proper diet and exercise this short and easy program will provide the means to eliminate many of the built up hazardous wastes from the digestive systems while providing the most comprehensive, power packed, natural energy and nutritional supplements available.  Using products like SUPER UNITY™, SUPERCHARGE II™, COLON TLC™ and LKU™, Nutrition Outreach is proud to introduce our new 15-day cleansing program.



In recent times, our society has come to face the most devastating period in our history.  According to health experts worldwide, Heart Disease, Cancer, AIDS, and crippling Arthritis are now affecting 3 out of every 5 American adults.  Recent television documentaries, newspaper articles and the mass media in general are warning us of the upcoming disasters.  This onslaught is primarily due to the constant presence of disease - causing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

In order to protect ourselves, our bodies must have the necessary nutrients to prevent breakdown of the immune system. Science has proven that, without exception, our bodies need the complete and balanced amounts of nutrients for the 12 protector parts of the immune system, to effectively fight and eliminate disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Now, more than ever, we have to take the necessary steps to protect our family and friends as well as ourselves.  The Bio-Immune Protection Pak is specifically designed with this truth in mind.  Carefully constructed with the most powerful and effective antioxidants and immune building products know, this program is formulated to provide the maximum protection for all the areas of the immune system.



SUPER UNITY™ STANDS ALONE. SUPER UNITY™ is the most complete food source multi- vitamin, multi-mineral, trace mineral complex and herbal supplement with digestive aids ever developed.  It is the foundational product for every nutritional support program provided by Nutrition Outreach.  Because of its completeness in providing all of the necessary nutrients your body need to function properly,  SUPER UNITY™delivers all of the essential nutrients required to begin rebuilding the foundation for your health.



Reduced toxic minerals, such as iron and copper

Balanced Formulation

Includes digestive aids

Highest quality food source ingredients


Full vitamin formula

Can be taken on an empty stomach

Full mineral formula

Herbal balance for body metabolism


SUPER UNITY contains a complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, trace mineral complex with digestive aids to supply the body with all needed nutrients on which the solid foundation of health can be built. SUPER UNITY supplies all of the food source antioxidant vitamins and minerals that the platform of health requires.  SUPER UNITY supplies 13 herbs to strengthen the endocrine system. 

SUPER ANTIOXIDANT is included to work with the SUPER UNITY to complete the total antioxidant required for all 12 protector body systems to function properly.  The need for antioxidant production from within is required and necessary for continued protection and to eliminate free radical damage.

LEAF OF LIFETIME formula with the olive leaf as the foundational ingredient, can be taken as a nutritional supplement providing perfect protection for the day and age in which we now live. "LEAF OF LIFE™" by NUTRITION OUTREACH, INC.,  is the original formula given to Moses by God in the Bible. A study of the formula's ingredients reveal God's awesome fore-knowledge provision for His people in our time against infectious disease, toxins, pollutions, inadequate food supplies and the current plagues of mankind. (See Home page for more details of LEAF OF LIFE™ or click here for further details concerning the program and these products) Please ask for the book, "Antioxidant Breakthrough" by Nolan D. Allen  Ordering details are at the end of this page.


Due to the constant demands of daily life, the body requires proper supplemental support for energy and vitality.

The SUPER ENERGY PAK is a program offered exclusively by NUTRITION OUTREACH, INC. It is not only designed to provide the maximum support for sustained energy levels, but also contains many powerful and therapeutic benefits as well. These benefits include: Balanced nutritional support with various food source nutrients, increased blood circulation, balanced blood sugar levels, respiratory support, memory enhancement, strengthened heart conditions, strengthened nervous systems, and of course the complete sense of over all good health.


SUPER UNITY™ , compared to none, is the most complete food source multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, trace mineral complex and herbal supplement ever developed.  It is the foundational product for every nutritional support program provided by NUTRITION OUTREACH, INC.  Because of its completeness in providing all of the necessary nutrients your body needs to function properly.  SUPER UNITY™ is foundational for maximum sustained energy.
SUPERCHARGE II contains ingredients selected for their strength and proven biochemical and nutritional value for the various functions of the glandular system.  In addition, SUPERCHARGE II works to stimulate and increase blood circulation thus providing warmth, energy, and alertness.
HERBAGIZE™ without a doubt, is the premiere natural energy product of out time. The 12 unique herbs contained in HERBAGIZE™ are of the highest quality and safest of all energy producing herbs. More than just a stimulant HERBAGIZE™ promotes health to all the glandular system, while also relieving stress and depression.  Restoring strength to weakened organs, this formula contains herbs that fight against infectious parasites which also rob the body of energy and vitality.  The adrenal and hypothalamus glands are also strengthened to reduce the ups and downs caused by other synthetic stimulants found so abundantly in food sources.

Additional Comments:  Drink at least 4 oz. of pure filtered water every 1/2 hour



Call or E-mail us for the Gate Keeper Support Programs for the following systems.

It is evident when you learn about the 12 Body systems and their components that unless you support all components in the system while treating one sick organ you can not possible bring total healing to that system.  This understanding is why NUTRITION OUTREACH products and programs work.





All bones, cartilage, and joints. 

Support and protection of body, leverage, mineral storage, production of red blood cells


Pineal, pituitary, thyroid and Para-thyroids, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries, testes. 

Regulation of body activities through transportation of hormones by the circulatory system.


All muscular tissue in the body

Facilitation of body movement, production of heat, maintenance of body posture.


Gastro intestinal tract with exception of large colon (eliminative), salivary gland liver, gallbladder and pancreas. 

Mechanical & chemical (enzymatic) breakdown of foods for cellular use.


The lungs, trachea, bronchi, bronchial tubes, and alveoli

Oxygenation, elimination of carbon dioxide, regulation of acid-base balance of the body


Testes, ovaries, sperm, ova, mammary

Reproduction of the organism.


Skin, hair, nails, oil & sweat glands

Regulation of body temperature, elimination of waste, temperature, pressure and pain reception.


Heart, blood vessels, blood.

Regulation of body temperature, elimination of waste, temperature, pressure and pain management.


Spleen, thymus, appendix, tonsils, lymph nodes, lymph vessels & fluids.

Filtration of blood, production of white blood cells, protection against disease, return of protein to cardiovascular.


Brain, spinal cord, nerves, and sensory organs such as the eye and ear.

Regulation of body function through nerve impulses.  Sensory perception and motor responses


Large colon

Completion of nutrient absorption, manufacture of certain vitamins, formation and elimination of feces.


Kidney, bladder, uterus, urethra

Elimination of liquid and electrolyte balance and volume, maintenance of acid-base balance.



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