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Masterfully designed formulas to provide energy, revitalize the body and strengthen the immune system

A high powered, antioxidant multi-vitamin so balanced it can be taken on an empty stomach.  The foundational product of nutritional health, SUPER UNITYTM is a complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, trace mineral, herbal supplement that contains three digestive enzymes. This product stands alone in the balance and completeness of its formulation.
A powerful antioxidant that helps fight infections while strengthening the eyes and the immune system.  Natural vegetable source of  BETA CAROTENE is superior to synthetic forms of Vitamin A and is easily digested.
One of the first complex non-acidic Vitamin C formulas ever developed.

TM is a highly potent antioxidant bioflavonoid complex containing herbs longconsidered to have natural antibiotic properties.  Vitamin C must be supplemented daily.
Renowned for its effectiveness as an antioxidant, SUPER - ETM also aids in blood formation and proper oxygenation of blood. It is also very effective for the protection of new blood cells.  This formula also contains herbs that provide strength to the heart muscles and related coronary arteries.
An herbal, vitamin & mineral blend, SUPERCHARGE - IlTM is designed to increase circulation and balance blood sugar levels which provide energy and vitality.  This product also contains herbs known to lower blood pressure and dissolve hardened deposits throughout the circulatory system. (contains no caffeine).
A complex blend of the world's most powerful herbal extracts formulated to support the body's own immune system.
The world's most powerful antioxidant formula.  Designed to strengthen the immune system and fight cancer causing free radicals.  SUPER ANTIOXIDANTTM contains patented herbal extracts of curcuminoids and piperine. Sarsaparilla root, ascorbic acid vitamin C, green tea extract, ascorbyl palmitate, chinese cinnamon, celery seed, ginger rhizome and clove buds complete this balanced, easy to digest formula.
An all natural super energy herbal product from Nutrition Outreach and the earth.
HERBAGIZETM is a general tonic stimulant acting primarily on the cerebrospinal centers and is unique in that it is a tonic but does not leave the secondary depression and "drained" feeling that other stimulants do. HERBAGIZETM is not a habit forming drug like other stimulants. HERBAGIZETM has also proved itself to be very valuable where asthmatic conditions exist.

Non-toxic, non-addictive  powerful herbal products developed to help the body recover naturally.


The natural approach to total body cleansing and health rebuilding

NUTRITION OUTREACH, INC., is proud to introduce you to a totally natural detoxification, repair and regeneration system, which has been used since 1984 by thousands.  The INNER KLENS SYSTEMTM offers a drug-free approach to help in cleansing the whole body and begin rebuilding health by ridding the body of trapped waste fats, chemical toxins, drug residue, harmful metals and foreign substances. This 26 - day program creates the proper groundwork for good health

PRODUCTS USED IN CLEANSING SUPER UNITYTM & SUPERCHARGE - II TM are included to maintain energy and vitality and prevent nutrient loss during    the cleansing process.

Step 1: COLON TLC TM - Cleans waste compaction from the colon and intestines while toning the related digestive organs (i.e. liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix, etc.) and corrects constipation.

Step 2: TOXI -KLENSETM - Rids the body of toxins, waste fats, metals and drug residue while re-establishing healthy digestive system environment

Step 3: RED CLOVER PLUSTM - purifies the blood, skin and lymphatic system, giving renewed vitality while helping to eliminate infections.

Step4: REGENEXTM - supplies substances that repair and build connective tissues and joints; and also supplies natural cellular, growth enhancing substances.


This 30 - day program is used after the INNER KLENS SYSTEMTM to help cleanse deep tissue at the cellular level, destroy unfriendly bacteria, fungus, viruses and provide friendly bacteria for a healthy immune system. Products utilized are: SUPER UNITYTM, SUPERCHARGE-lITM, L-K-UTM, SUPER HI-GEST PLUSTM, CANSTATTM, and ACIDOPHILUS & HELPER

Note: Complete diet and food instructions are included with all programs


Non-toxic, non-addictive powerful herbal products developed to help the body recover naturally

A formula that provides the natural herbal extracts believed to help repair damaged connective tissues, soft tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints. These extracts work to encourage elasticity and joint lubrication where arthritic conditions exist
Contains herbs and extracts which have been proven to provide relief where minor aches and pains exist.
Contains herbs and extracts known for their ability to cleanse waste material from the colon and relieve constipation. This formula is also designed to help the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and other digestive organs function properly.
A natural herbal formula which helps to reduce nervous tension, sleeping disorders, restlessness, hyperactivity, and provides strength to the central nervous system without the addictive side effects of most frequently prescribed medications.
Contains herbs known for their ability to help relieve extreme allergic sinus conditions and aids in the relief of other respiratory conditions
A unique herbal formula to enhance proper cleansing and health for the liver, kidneys, and urinary tract, while helping the body to eliminate infections.
A unique formulation of herbs and nutrients designed to maintain the health of the male prostate gland,  PROSTAKARETM also provides nutritional relief support where prostate enlargement or inflammation exists.
Purifies the blood, skin and lymphatic system causing renewed cell vitality while helping to eliminate all infections.
A nutritional herbal formula designed to correct problems associated with digestion such as: gas, heartburn, ulcers, hiatal hernia, and stomach acid. SUPER HI-GEST PLUSTM will greatly increase the efficiency of digestion and help re-establish proper bowel tract time.
Rids the body of toxins, waste fats, metals and drug residue while re-establishing a healthy digestive environment
This anti-acid stomach relief formula combines the best herbal extracts known to soothe irritated mucous membranes of the digestive system and provides relief from stomach ulcers.
LEAF of LIFETMClick on this link for more Leaf of Life information


Natural herbal products designed for the needs of Women

Used to re-establish the friendly bacteria necessary for a strong immune system environment within the female organs, intestines and colon. While helping to maintain a healthy and balanced digestive system. This formula also aids in the battle against bacteria, fungus and yeast infections.
This powerful anti-yeast formula contains herbal extracts that have natural antibiotic properties which fight against candida, fungus, bacteria and virus invasion.CANSTATTMis designed to work with ACIDOPHILUS HELPERSTM to combat all infections and build strong immune systems.
A formula that provides the proper natural hormonal balance and relief for women who suffer discomforts due to menstrual cycles or have difficulties during menopause.
A unique herbal hormonal and Moisturizing Cream. A Cream for "Any Body" Glowing healthy skin is a universal desire. SKINSATIONALTMWild Yam Beauty Cream can accomplish your desire by healing and improving skin conditions.SKINSATIONALTMis unsurpassed as a moisturizing skin cream.  Your body will respond to the natural herbal hormonal complex found in SKINSATIONALTM . NUTRITION OUTREACH'S SKINSATIONALTM Moisturizing Yam Cream is a nutritional breakthrough in modern history.  As natural progesterone's have demonstrated to play a role in the prevention of breast cancer, PMS Syndrome and Menopausal Symptoms and promote bone tissue growth.  The extract of Diosgenin from Dioscorea Villosa or wild yam can be converted to progesterone (Merek index. Eleventh edition)

Other herbal extracts included in SKINSATIONALTM make up the rest of this topical moisturizing skin formula such as:

Evening Primrose Oil - which contains hormone like substances called Prostaglandins are known to help PMS symptoms and are noted as miracle molecules.  Laboratory tests have shown Evening Primrose stops the growth of numerous kinds of cancerous cells. (Louise Tenney 2nd Edition.)

Red Clover Extract - (Trifolium Pratensis) - an excellent blood purifier and is known worldwide for it's ability to fight cancerous growth, it also is soothing to the nerves and is a perfect salve for all skin afflictions (Kings American Botanical Dispensitory)

Stinging Nettle - (Urtica dioical) - brings better blood flow to the skin and is known for it's ability to alleviate pain due to inflammation.

Almond Oil - used in perfumery preparations; known for it's ability to carry other ingredients very gently into the skin without causing damage. (Essential Aromatherapy, - Carol McGlivery & Jami Reed.)

Burdock Extract - considered a discutient herbs that dissolve and remove tumors and abnormal growth). Burdock is one of the best known blood purifiers and is used for chronic infections:-Arthritis, Rheumatism and Skin diseases (Natural Healing with Herbs - Humbart Santillo.)

Arnica - (Arnica Mantana) - was listed in the U.S. Phamacopeia from the early 1800's to 1960 and is still used today primarily for it's ability to reduce pain and swelling and functions as a topical counterirritant. (Merck Manual - Eleventh Edition) Readers Digest - Medicine of Plants.)

Jasminum Grandiflora - (natural fragrance) 0 a small bush, native to the East Indies and Egypt, that is known for its intensely rich flora fragrance. When applied topically, it has been known to be a mood enhancer - combating both anxiety and depression.  Also thought of as an aphrodisiac, it has a reputation for the treatment of both frigidity and impotence. It is also tremendously soothing to the inflamed and irritated skin. (Essential Aromatherapy, Carol McGilvery and Jami Reed.)

Mixed Tocopherols - (Anti Oxidants ) from mixed Tocopherols is added to SKINSATIONALTM to help protect the skin from excessive sun exposure and to help the skin retain it's natural moisture content.  Anti Oxidants also help protect against cancerous growths and aids in the absorption and delivery of Diosgenin into the skin.

SKINSATIONALTMis developed by a Ph.D. Biochemist and is exclusive only of NUTRITION OUTREACH DISTRIBUTORS, as the product helps balance hormones which is essential to help fight against cancer, we believe

SKINSATIONALTMwill prove to be the most effective skin product ever developed and is second to none as a beautifying skin moisturizer.