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Understanding the total potential for one's body requires revelational insight never presented in simplistic terms before.  We believe this short study will have a great impact towards encouraging you to have perfect health while understanding the purpose of your creation. You can accomplish this with sincere effort on your part and guidance from Nutrition Outreach International.


Man was created complete and whole for the purpose of living forever to tend the garden of God. In creation, God gave man 12 major body systems, or 12 main gates, as the Apostle John saw in his vision in Rev. 21.2 - 3, i.e., the body as a type of the Holy City, or the New Jerusalem, with many supportive organs in each system.





Nutrition Outreach International has invested 17 successful years researching and developing nutritional products, diets and complete programs for each of the 12 body systems, with the understanding of how our bodies were created to function as the whole person.  Each nutritional program is designed to bring total healingand support while renewing and rebuilding the gates of your vessel. Each Gate Keepers Nutritional Program is easy to follow and comes complete with a list on diet, nutritional supplements, special teas, juice blends and instructions of what to do and what not to do. These programs should be used for a period of 30 days and then re-evaluate your health.  Where more than one body system is weak or malfunctioning, simply combine the necessary programs without duplicating the products listed on more than one program.